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Andrew Williams


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  • Lynne Walker (Sunday, July 08 12 09:44 pm BST)

    now on my second reading of this wonderful book. so full of information, stories and solid advice to take with me when i go to work in Africa. Thank you

  • WILLIAM DANIEL (Sunday, February 26 12 04:11 pm GMT)

    sir u do good job me and our salavation army in india we pray yours and street children and also your ministry god bless u and yours family

  • david williams (Saturday, October 08 11 03:58 pm BST)

    fantastic stuff

  • KISAKYE FRANCIS (Sunday, October 02 11 10:38 pm BST)

    I have found Mr. Andy williams on this website.Am one of the thousands of street children whose lives he chsnged.Am now the founder of TRACE UGANDA an organization working with street children.I love